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A Popular Heating Solution in the UK

A boiler is a device that produces steam or heats water and can be used to heat homes and buildings’ space and water. The main heating source in most heating systems is a natural gas-fired burner (such as gas boilers). Oil-fired burners and electric resistance heaters are used in some of the heating systems. Steam can be preferred over hot water in some situations.

Is your boiler doing a great job of keeping your home warm?

What is the lifespan of your central heating boiler? If it’s more than ten years old, it’s probably time to replace it with a new high-efficiency one. Today’s central heating boilers are far superior to those of the past. They are more efficient at heating water, which means they consume less gas or oil to accomplish the same task.

As a result of new government grants (ECO4), you may now be eligible for a free boiler if you complete one insulation step. Eco genius Solutions can give you amazing packages to complement this offer, as well as great value upgrades.

What does boiler work?

To heat water, both oil and gas fired boilers use controlled combustion of the fuel. In the burner, fuel and oxygen are mixed, and a platform for combustion is created with the help of igniting equipment. The combustion process takes place in the combustion chamber, which then transmits the created heat to the water via a heat exchanger. The ignition, burner firing speed, fuel and air supplies, steam pressure, and water temperature are all controlled via controls. The hot water is then pushed via the pipes and distributed to various pieces of equipment around the structure. If Eco genius installs free loft, room in roof, cavity and solid wall insulation at your property as part of the Government’s ECO4 grant initiative, and your existing gas boiler is over 6 years old or judged inefficient, we can now replace it for free.

Boiler Service in the UK

We provide free boiler installation service in Birmingham, England and Scotland. We offer a number of upgrade options, including longer maintenance, internet controllers, and the new MagnaCleanse flushing procedure, in addition to free boiler installation. Both combi and system boilers are supported.

What Boiler Grants Are Available?

People mostly asked that there are any boiler grants? So, the answer is yes the UK government initiated a program to help low-income households reduce their energy expenses and carbon footprint by providing them with access to efficiency upgrades. The EC04 scheme offers a free boiler replacement to homeowners who meet specific criteria.  Our assessor then tell you how you can do it for free if you qualify.


What are the advantages of home heating boilers?


  • The majority have a lengthy lifespan and can achieve efficiencies of up to 95% or greater.
  • Boilers are inexpensive. While the initial installation expenses are considerable, the operational costs are significantly reduced when compared to other heating systems. Furthermore, different boiler grants are available in the UK to help you save even more money.
  • Boilers are often smaller than other forms of heating. Instead of taking up floor space, a combi boiler can be mounted on the wall.
  • When it comes to ecologically friendly heating solutions, boilers are a prominent choice. Renewable fuels, such as recycled-material pellets or carbon-neutral biodiesel, can be used in boilers.
  • Boilers are simple to install and cause minimal interruption. Licensed technicians should carry out the installation.